Maxillofacial Mentorship Program


Maxillofacial Mentorship Program

Well stop dreaming and start learning! Here’s your chance!!

Not long ago apprenticeship was the key way in which professionals and tradesmen alike learned their skills. Shadowing closely someone else in the field was a far more productive use of both the mentor and the mentee’s time.

We have created a unique program where participants will shadow an oral maxillofacial surgeon and learn from his experience.

With a small class size of only four doctors, you will shadow our full-time dual degree oral maxillofacial surgeon (with both DDS and MD degrees) for two complete days, 8-10 hours each.

Course Overview:

During the mentorship program you will witness up close procedures that may include:

  • Tori removals
  • Cyst removals
  • Difficult impacted canines
  • Super difficult impacted third molars
  • Highly infected teeth that require large bone grafts
  • Fistula removals and repairs
  • Treatment of dental abscesses
  • Intensive suturing
  • Use the buccal fat pad for repairing chronic sinus exposures

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  • CE Hours: 16-20 (based on actual hours)
  • Duration: 1 Day Course
  • Tuition: $4995


  • February 24-25, 2020 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic