Sedation Dentistry


Sedation Dentistry: The Anxiety-Reducing Oral Solution

Course Overview

This two-day course is designed to provide extensive knowledge on minimal oral sedation and nitrous oxide in accordance with the American Dental Association’s Guidelines for the Use of Anesthesia and Sedation in the Dental Office. The lecture portions of this course will be augmented with a review of practical components to include bag-mask-valve (BMV) breathing and nitrous oxide machines, including monitoring equipment.

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn

  • The principles of patient assessment and monitoring.
  • The clinically relevant pharmacology of sedative choices.
  • How to match the right drug at the right dose to the right patient and the right procedure.
  • The characteristics of the ideal sedatives for in-office use.
  • The equipment required to monitor your patients safely.
  • The art of anxiolysis and how to plan for the perfect appointment.
  • How to avoid or manage potential drug interactions.
  • How to recognize potential herbal and drug interactions that can affect dentistry.
  • The required medications in an emergency kit and how to use them.
  • Optimal patient care through appropriate prescribing, especially for patients with cardiac issues and/or bleeding risks.

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  • CE Hours: 16
  • Duration: 2 Day Course
  • Tuition: Doctor: $1495 ,
    Staff: $395
  • Faculty:
    Jason H. Goodchild, DMD


  • November 4-5, 2023
  • 305-944-9636