About SOBE


Who We Are.

Our goal is simple but profound: help make you the best dental health provider possible. That means imparting to you the knowledge - and the confidence - to perform advanced procedures you never thought you’d accomplish.

We have trained thousands of dentists through our signature 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day courses. Whether it’s a live patient program in the Dominican Republic, or something closer to home, chances are SoBe Dental has the course/s that will meet – and exceed – your needs.

What We Do.

We provide an instructional framework where students can earn continuing education credits commensurate with the number of hours they have completed per course.


How We Do.

We designed our courses to be engaging and rigorous. But also deeply rewarding for those students who earn their continuing education credit hours upon completion. SoBe Dental courses include lecture-based and hands-on/live patient components. Some courses are lecture only while others offer a hybrid approach.