3D Printing & Surgical Guides


3D Printing & Surgical Guides

In the analog versus digital world, digital has won the day! Not only that, it’s won the millennium too

That’s because a growing number of dentists are embracing the power and the potential of what computer guided dentistry has to offer. After all, implant dentistry is a precision science. And there’s no better way to guarantee ideal implant placement than with a digitally designed manufactured guide.


  • Design and construct in-office customized surgical guides from the final restoration point of view
  • How to print a surgical guide
  • Identify the best printer for your office and your needs, the best computer and software
  • Review digital models and digital waxups
  • Overview of 3D printing materials
  • 3D printing do’s and don’ts
  • Learn the proprietary Dr.Garg Guided Kit

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  • CE Hours : 8
  • Duration : 2 Day Course
  • Tuition : $ 995


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  • 305.944.9636