Implant Prosthetics: A Hands-On Live Patient Program


Implant Prosthetics: A Hands-On Live Patient Program

Course Overview

This three-day program will provide clinicians with the knowledge and hands-on live patient experience to tackle all aspects of dental implant prosthetics. Attendees will learn a comprehensive step-by-step process forrestoring hybrid, fixed crown, and bridge and overdenture cases. Topics covered include patient selection, radiologic guide and surgery, abutments, impressions, the provisional prosthesis, single prostheses, partial prostheses, and implant-retained overdentures. All procedures are performed on actual patients in a state-of-the-art clinical setting under the supervision of Dr. Garg’s expert staff.

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn

  • The functional and mechanical differences between natural teeth and implants.
  • The structural characteristics of implants, as well as biomechanical functioning.
  • Indications and contraindications for implant placement.
  • Use of a wax-up for diagnostic purposes and surgical guides to ensure proper implant alignment and positioning.
  • What type of abutments to use and when.
  • Cement vs. screw-retained prostheses.
  • How to take the best impressions and how it differs for natural teeth and implants.
  • Open- and closed-tray techniques and the materials required for casting.
  • Concepts related to immediate loading.
  • How to make a single prosthesis over an implant.
  • The distribution of occlusal forces in the posterior and in relation to the implant crown.
  • Occlusal forces as they relate to a partial prosthesis.
  • Indications and contraindications for overdentures, including identifying the ideal patient.
  • Overdenture subtypes: “implant-supported,” “mucosa and implant–supported,” etc.

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  • CE Hours: 24
  • Duration: 3 Day Course
  • Tuition: $4500
  • Faculty:
    Maria Del Pilar Rios, DMD, PhD, MSc


  • February 19-21, 2020 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • June 24-26, 2020 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • November 18-20, 2020 - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • 305-944-9636