Successful Pathways to Predictable Dental Implant Treatment Planning


Successful Pathways to Predictable Dental Implant Treatment Planning

Course Overview

TTreatment planning is the essential firststep for successful implant placement and related dental procedures. In this 2½-day course, attendees will learn how to present the advantages and disadvantages of each option to their patients with appropriate word choice and visual aids. A systematic flow chart will be provided to simplify treatment planning and make implant cases more predictable, whether the case calls for a maxillary single anterior implant in a Class II division 2 malocclusion with bone regeneration and high smile line, multiple implants, overdentures, hybrids, or full-arch implant rehabilitation (FAIR). Attendees will also gain skills in CBCT imaging, restorative designs, biomechanics, restorative material selection, occlusion, and night guard fabrication for at least 10 unique clinical situations with 15 variables each.

Course Objectives

Attendees will learn

  • Treatment options for specific problems
  • The risks and benefits of each treatment option, as well as a step-by-step detailing what to evaluate and which options are best for individual patients
  • What needs to be evaluated to select the best method of replacement for a patient with multiple severely worn teeth
  • How to employ a flow chart–like approach so that each decision is reached through a key set of clinical parameters
  • How to use photos to help explain your treatment planning approach.
  • How to show and discuss the different treatment options with your patients so they are engaged in the process, yet understand the risks and benefits of treatment.
  • The importance of predicting the outcome of treatment before carrying it out.

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  • CE Hours: 16
  • Duration: 2½ Day Course
  • Tuition: $1495
  • Faculty:
    Maria del Pilar Rios, DMD, MSc, PhD


  • February 28 - March 1, 2020 - Los Angeles
  • 305.944.9636