Treatment Planning


Treatment Planning

Treatment planning is the essential first-step for successful implant placement and related dental procedures. Only by understanding which treatment options are available for a number of common, but multifaceted dental scenarios, will you be able to maximize patient outcome.


  • Treatment options for specific problems
  • Review the risks and benefits of each treatment option, as well as a step-by-step process of what to evaluate and which options are best for your patients
  • What needs to be evaluated to select the best method of replacement for a patient with multiple severely worn teeth .
  • How to employ a “flow chart like” approach so that each decision is arrived at through a key set of clinical parameters
  • Which solutions “flow chart” is appropriate for the case you are treatment planning, along with the parameters involved in that chart
  • Use of photos to help explain your treatment planning approach. By comparing photos of your patient with those of ideal outcomes you can identify if this is the appropriate treatment planning path
  • How to show and discuss the different treatment options with your patients so they are engaged in the process, yet understand the risks and benefits of treatment.
  • The importance of predicting the outcome of treatment prior to going through with it – especially in dental work in the esthetic zone
  • How new techniques and materials may change the predictability in the future
  • How to set fees for complex surgeries

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  • CE Hours: 16
  • Duration: 2 Day Course
  • Tuition:$1495
  • Faculty:
    Dr. Maria del Pilar Rios


  • Orlando, FL - September 13-15, 2019
    Miami, FL - October 25-27, 2020
    Los Angeles, CA - March 20-22, 2020
  • 305.944.9636