Course Overview:

Although a high predictability and long-term success rate of dental implants is well documented, Complications affecting osseointegrated implants are a topic of major interest in contemporary dentistry.As more people today are choosing dental implants over traditional methods of tooth replacement, a corresponding rise in the number of post-implant complications can be observed.These procedures are no longer limited to specialists, therefore clinicians without advanced training and skills are involved in implant placement and implant-related retorations.

An estimated one million implants will require therapy for implant and bone graft related complications.Therefore, successful management of peri-implantitis requires a thorough understanding of the underlying medical and dental factors involved in the overall complex of the disease.

Some surgical and technical complications may be relatively minor and easy to correct, while others will be major and result in the loss of the implant, permanent damage of adjacent anatomical structures, or can be life-threatening.

Course Objectives:

  • Assess, anticipate and manage common complications associated with implant procedures
  • Understand that oral surgeons and dentists, no matter how skilled and experienced in implant surgery, must be at all times aware of even rare, unexpected and severe complications, in order to promptly plan an adequate emergency intervention.
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  • CE Hours: 8
  • Duration: One Day Course
  • Tuition: $895